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Hand Made Rugs

Pumori Rug Company is a creative, design oriented, high quality producer and dealer of 'Pumori' brand rugs and Nepalese/Tibetan, Custom Design Handknotted Area Rugs.


Pumori Rug Company rugs are all hand made in 100% pure Tibetan Himalayan Highland wool.


Our Rugs are modern beauty in itself created by the able hands of skillful Tibetan & Nepalese   artisans in the Himalayan country of  Nepal with the skill passed on from generation to generation. 


All our  rugs are completely  handknotted of  the finest  Tibetan Himalayan Sheep Wool. Every lot of this Himalayan Sheep Wool, rich in lanolin, is washed, hand spun and  hand dyed  that provide vibrancy, consistency and style.


The Tibetan weaving technique is unique. Unlike other weaving traditions, the knots of a Tibetan rug are tied over  a rod.   When a row of knots is completed,  the pile is cut and the rod is slipped out, leaving a flat  and plush wool surface.


This ancient art form lives on each of our Rug.  Pumori Rug collection combines original designs and traditional  weaving  technique to create elegant and modern natural floor covering.


An average 8’x10’ rug will take a weaver approximately  14  weeks to complete and contains between 900,000 to 1,000,000 individual knots !


We also weave custom-made rugs for our clients. We use environmentally friendly dyes and our rugs are 100% Hand Made  and reasonably priced also.

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